Refund Policy

US Logo and Web – Design Agency Refund Policy

Last Updated: December 27, 2023

Thank you for choosing US Logo and Web for your digital design, development and printing needs. We strive to provide high-quality services to our clients. Please read our refund policy carefully before making any purchase. By engaging in business with US Logo and Web, you agree to the terms outlined below.

1. Logo Design:

– We offer unlimited revisions during the initial design phase. Once the final design is approved, no refunds will be issued.
– In the event of any defects or errors discovered post-delivery, we will rectify them at no additional cost within 15 days.

2. Design and Printing for Business Cards, Invoices, Flyers, Postcards, Brochures:

– Unlimited revisions are provided during the design process. Refunds will not be issued once the final design is approved.
– If there are issues with the printing material, we will replace or rectify any defects within 15 days at no additional cost.

3. T-Shirt, Hoodie, and Cap Design and Printing:

– Due to the custom nature of these items, refunds are not provided once the design is finalized and approved.
– Any defects or errors in the printed or embroidered designs will be rectified within 15 days at no additional cost.

4. Website Design & Development:

– Refunds are not applicable once the website design is approved and development has commenced.
– Any bugs or issues identified within 30 days of the website going live will be fixed at no additional cost.

5. Content Creation:

– Refunds are not provided for content creation services once the content is delivered and approved.
– Any corrections to errors or defects will be addressed within 15 days.

6. Mobile App Development:

– Refunds are not available once the mobile app development project has started.
– We offer a 30-day warranty for any bugs or issues identified post-launch.

7. Marketing Services:

– Monthly marketing services are non-refundable. Clients may cancel future services at any time.
– If there are issues with the delivered marketing materials, we will make necessary revisions within 15 days.

8. SEO Services:

– Monthly SEO services are non-refundable. Clients may cancel future services at any time.
– We guarantee efforts to improve search rankings that take a minimum of 3 months, but specific results cannot be guaranteed until analysis of competitors takes place.

9. Facebook Ads and Google Ads:

– Refunds are not applicable once Facebook Ads or Google Ads campaigns have been launched.
– Any issues or discrepancies in the performance of these ads will be addressed promptly within 15 days.

Disclaimer: Proofreading Approval

– US Logo and Web will not be responsible or cater for any mistakes in the printing services if the client approves during the proofreading phase. It is the client’s responsibility to thoroughly review and approve all proofs before finalizing the printing process.

General Refund Policy:

– Clients are encouraged to communicate any dissatisfaction promptly to allow for timely resolution.
– Refunds will only be considered if Design Spartans fails to deliver the agreed-upon services.
– Any refund requests must be submitted in writing within 15 days of service delivery.

Note: Change of Mind

– Our refund policy does not cater to “change of mind.” Please carefully consider your requirements before finalizing your purchase.

US Logo and Web reserves the right to update or modify this refund policy at any time without prior notice. It is the client’s responsibility to stay informed of any changes.

For further inquiries or assistance, please contact our customer support at or (240) 673-2670

Thank you for choosing US Logo and Web for your digital design and printing needs.